Wednesday, October 2, 2013

{Learning The Industrial Style} Part 2: Brooklyn Loft Home

Hello dear friends! Now this is one way overdue post, supposedly following closely behind {Learning The Industrial Style} Part 1. I was almost going to scrap it, but revisiting it again, I am picking up on so many elements which first inspired the urge to share, and decided, yup! better late than not!

In part 1, I wrote about the industrial style being a celebration of form, function, the essentials and being comfortable in one's own skin. Today, I share with you an industrial style Brooklyn loft which has incorporated these principles, and then some, into its spaces.

Just in the living room alone, I'm spotting so many exciting elements, from walls of windows, to the open bookcase, the pendant lamps, the work bench turned desk, the vintage bicycle at the far end... If you look at the plain, straight line leather sofa with its chrome legs, you would never quite imagine it sitting in the middle of a rustic loft, yet it looks perfectly fine where it is. The idea of mix and match, incorporating current pieces with industrial ones, working with what you have and what suits your comfort with a few creative spins - this style is becoming more flexible and versatile as we speak!

It definitely takes heart, planning and time to put together a home like this. It's about understanding your space and how you intend to use it, and discovering pieces of furniture that will work within the walls. 

{All images via Trendland}

Another element I really enjoy seeing in this home are the refreshing pots of greens visible in almost every space. It's such a simple detail, yet makes a huge difference in adding that extra touch of nature to the rooms.

I hope you enjoy the update! Have a beautiful day! x. Shu

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