Friday, May 18, 2012

+ loving: Very French Gangsters

Question: Why weren't there such funky glasses when I was a kid and needed badly to look cool?!!!

Haha, oh yea, believe it or not, I was such a nerdy, geeky looking kid, with those goldfish-like plastic frames; 'four-eyed-girl' was something I heard frequently, nothing pretty or cute, certainly not funky or with attitude!

But these!! These frames by Very French Gangster, a french brand specialising in eyewear for kids - they are an entirely different story, aren't they? But then again, kids today are in an entirely different 'world' compared to the one I grew up in - lucky brats!

{All images via Very French Gangsters}

The kids in the lookbook are super cute too! Check them out here.


  1. love this frames, but I think kids now a days are more caring and not to hurt others ppl feeling. I am sure that no one are call " four eyes" anymore in school, and everyone wanna to look cool even they don't need a glasses :)

  2. Oh I feel the same way! I had the worst glasses when I was a pre-teen. These would have been fun to wear. I wasn't ever teased thank goodness since I was already being teased for my buck teeth. :)


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