Thursday, March 1, 2012

+ 13 Collections: {Geometrics} / 8

Good morning dear friends! Happy Thursday - and it's the 1st of March too!! Gosh - we are officially into autumn; it rained the whole day yesterday, and I was half contemplating getting a pair of rain boots, even while telling myself it's too early in the season for boots (I'm in denial, can't believe summer's over)!

Alrighty - done with the weather ramblings (I always have something to say about it, don't I? Sorry you have to put up with them!)... Are you looking forward to today's geometrics feature? If you're a paper goods enthusiast and are also riding the geometric trend at the moment, check out some of these items below for something different to add to your collection!
{#1 Moving Boxes Jotter, #2 Chevron Note Cards, #3 Hive Note Cards, all from Wit & Whistle | #4 Geometric Sketchbook, #5 Triangles Cards (set of 4), both from Happy Dappy Bits | #6 Geometric Thank You Cards (set of 10) from Quill and Fox | #7 Girls With Geometric Triangles (blank note card) from Miss Paper Cut | #8 DIY Geometric Pocket Notebook Embroidery Kit (set of 2) from Curious Doodles | #9 A6 Geometrisk Notebooks (pack of 3), #10 A4 Geometrisk Notebook, both from kikki.K}

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  1. So fun!!! I love the DIY notebook version. I may have to try that out on my own. How hard could it be?


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