Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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Geometric shapes and forms makes a statement, whether you're wearing them, or decorating a space with them.

Today, I have put together a collection of geometric mobiles. Some are bold, others intricate; their forms suggests a very contemporary quality, yet some lines echoes a certain traditional character. They can be pretty and whimsical in an adult's space, and lend a playful sophistication to a child's room too!

#1 Chilly Geometric Garland - Blow Up! DIY via Urban Outfitters Blog | #2 DIY Geometrical Ornaments by Scandinavian Deko | #3 Scandi House - styled by TinaHellberg, photography by Per Ranung | #4 & #5 Themis Trio Mobile and Themis Mobile from Poketo | #6 DIY Cut-and-Fold Paper Polyhedra Ornaments by Field Guide Design | #7, #8 & #9 himmeli mobiles by AMradio

I love them all, and might even try a hand on some of the DIYs! What do you think? Is the geometric style growing on you too?

1 comment:

  1. I always wanted to have one of this mobiles. But I am too lazy to DIY it haha... seem not so easy to do it though. May be one day...hmmmm....


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