Wednesday, November 2, 2011

+ meet 'n greet: Sandy & Cookie Cutter

I can see a theme starting to form for this week's posts; there seem to be a leaning trend towards handmade, crafts, lo-fi-ish styles and products (from Ask Alice, to our super-hot La Sardina giveaway, to this!), which is really pretty cool!! Although it wasn't planned, and I like how my e-course teacher/mentor put it, that blogs are supposed to be spontaneous and a little unexpected; I'm really enjoying how these little unplanned unexpectedness are all coming together!

Today, I would like you to say hello to new friend, Sandy, the lovely and friendly, and super-creative girl behind Cookie Cutter! I've featured a couple of her products here on Page Thirteen before, and it's a great pleasure to now have the opportunity to share a lot more about her and her work with all of you!

Sandy is based in the beautiful, sunny Singapore, and she is a self taught blogger and crafter who started Cookie Cutter on Etsy in 2009. She creates linen products and paper goods that are "happy and quirky", and characters which are absolutely too adorable to resist!

Read on to find out more about Sandy and Cookie Cutter, and meet some of her happy creations too!

- - - - - - - - - - 

+ Tell us something about yourself and your background...
I underwent the "prescribed" Singapore education and majored in linguistics in university. I found that it was only in the last few years of my academic life that I got to study and concentrate on something that interest me. I enjoy writing and I'm intrigued by languages, the way people speak etc. Mathematics and science never sang for me.

+ How did Cookie Cutter get started?
Post graduation saw me working in Japan for a year before returning to the corporate world in Singapore. The year in Japan changed the way I saw things. Despite my attempts, corporate jobs didn't quite work for me. Two years later, I threw it all away, in the name of an airy-fairy notion of being true to oneself. If I look back long enough, I remember it was working with my hands to create that gave me the most joy. I’ve also always appreciated good designs. So, I jumped into the unknown, into a territory I always was interested but never had formal training in.

+ What inspires you and your work?
Magazines, great work featured online, people around me, everyday life really. In fact, I recently completed my 2nd zine, Run of the Mill (issue 2). Run of the Mill is a comic zine based on my real life experience. It seeks to bring out the humour in simple everyday life. 

+ Which is your favourite piece of work/ character/ plushie you have created?
Hmm... this is a tough one. I try to put out work that I would want to for myself. Especially for the plushies, in designing how they look and later making them, I infuse them with a character. It's actually a bittersweet experience every time I pack a plushie and drop it at the post office. I love all my plushies! But if you ask which one has being selling really well, it'll have to be Moustache George.

+ Who/ What puts a smile on your face?
T, my significant other, never fails to cheer me up and lighten things up when I'm stressed. Sometimes when I look at my plushies, their silly quirky looks crack me up too! 

+ Which 5 words best describe you?
neurotic, shy, creative, oraganised, dreamer

+ What else do you enjoy besides crafting and sewing?
Writing. I do a bit of freelance writing here and there.
If you follow my blog, you'll know that I enjoy traveling. It remind me of who I really am.

- - - - - - - - - -

How cute are Sandy's creations?? I think she's done a brilliant job! I especially love the ones with squinty eyes, giving you "the look" from the corners of their eyes! And I also love the selection of fabrics, and how they are so neatly put together - I wish I can sew like that, but my needlework is not something I can show off about!

If you've fallen in love with Sandy's plushies and wish to have one for your own, or to see more of her work, drop by Cookie Cutter on Etsy. You can also pop over to her blog and say hi, and catch up the latest news and read about her travel stories too!

Have a lovely day, dear friends!

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  1. Moustache Georges will be mine next week! I am so looking forward to adopt him... I am sure he will be a great conversation starter ;-)
    Not to mention a play companion to my two kids!


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