Tuesday, October 11, 2011

+ loving: ModCloth {Fashion}

I found out about ModCloth via girlfriend E (by the way, we just had a coffee session down by the beach yesterday afternoon and it was fab!). Anyways, you might already know of this amazing retro brand, although it is the first time I've come across is (sorry if I'm a little slow)! But gosh am I drooling!!

I don't know where to start, or rather, where to stop! If you enjoy vintage and retro fashion with a modern touch, you'll love ModCloth. From polka dots to Peter Pan collar to dresses with bows and frills, and petticoats (!!) - the type which will make your full skirt stay flared-out prettily; cute shorts, gorgeous-coloured leggings, shoes, bags, accessories - gasp! And really really cool and adorable items for the home too!! Like I said, I don't know where to stop - help!!!

One other really cute thing about the site is when you "love" an item, a speech bubble would appear above the product, with phrases like: "I knew there was something special about you!", or "Sometime's its love at first sigh!", and my favourite, "You're making me blush." - seriously, how adorable is that? Note too, that the products are given the most creative names, like "Pretty and Principled Dress", "Rock Doctor Bag", and "Honey Bee Mine Necklace"!

I'll be sharing my favs of ModCloth's home and decor stuffs on a separate post, I think they deserve the special attention. Meanwhile, you can browse and start shopping for yourself here - be warned, you'll probably fall hopelessly heads-over-heels, like me!

Have a lovely/ vintage-inspired day! :)

{All images via ModCloth}

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