Wednesday, October 19, 2011

+ inspired by: The Clashings Of Patterns

My first impression of this room was "surely it has gone a lot little over the top with the mix of patterns??".

But a closer and longer look, and I can't help being impressed by the fact that, although it is a little crazy, it actually works, in a very, well, crazy way! Although I can't quite see myself living in a room like this one, but still, it makes me smile just looking at it.

{Images by Gösta Reiland and Johanna Hofman-Bang, via Livet Hemma}

It takes quite a bit of imagination to throw in this amazing blend of bold contrasting colours, vintage shapes and collectables, mix and matched wallpapers, textile and patterns. Its totally over the top, absolutely quirky and eclectic, and so full of character, I end up liking it!

Have a lovely day!

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