Tuesday, September 6, 2011

+ loving: Harlequin - Kallianthi Collection

Good morning dear friends! Hope this week is finding you well and happy!

Had another bad hayfever attack yesterday, no fun at all, but I survived! It's another brand new day, and I'm determined to fill it with heaps of joy, creativity and inspirations! (*am I running high on antihistamines? maybe...)

Caught a glimpse of Harlequin's new textile and wallpaper collection over at Bright's Bazaar, and am instantly smitten by the bright popping hues and rustic styling. Love love love the happy colours!!!

The Kallianthi collection is by Clarissa Hulse for Harlequin; Clarrisa is one of the leading names in the British textile industry, known for her uncompromising passion in delivering ultimate combination of colour, print and fabrics. She was born in Prague, lived in Thailand, Italy, Spain and Greece, and this eclectic background largely influenced her approach in colour and design.

"I have an obsession with colour - it is definitely the hallmark of my work. Also the beauty of nature completely fascinates me - I draw most of my inspiration from the countryside, where I walk, take photographs and collect interesting items. Perhaps this enthusiasm stems from my childhood - my Greek mother is a keen gardener - she used to let me roam in flower beds while she was gardening and taught me the names of all the species. Family holidays were usually things like two week jaunts spent traipsing across the Austrian Alps looking at mountain flowers. At 14 years old, I probably wanted to be anywhere else but it has obviously had a lasting impact on me." - Clarrisa.

{All images via Harlequin, found thanks to Bright Bazaar

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