Monday, August 8, 2011

+ loving: Colour-blocked Fire Island Beach House

Good morning and Happy Monday! Let's welcome the week with this holiday-mood-inspiring beach house! And guess what? Colour blocking is not restricted to fashion only; this hue-popping home with it's bright vibrancy and bold stripes brings colour block to another level!

Designed by Alexandra Angle Interior Design, this beach house at Fire Island is the ultimate holiday home. I love the cleverly curated interiors, with it's happy tones of colours, bright yet not over powering; the light airiness of the sea and sky flows into the space through the white base used within the space; the furnitures hold simple lines, but still speaks volume in style and character; the stripes and textures found around the home comes in different colours, bold and playful, yet manages to blend with the overall theme - smart!

Lastly, I just want to point out how, despite the variety of hues spotted in the house, yellow is quite obviously the consistent colour being carried through the rooms; from the yellow cushion on the dining chairs, to the yellow and white striped vase, to the poster on the wall, to the yellow kettle in the kitchen, to the towels in the bathroom, the rugs on the floor... I'm sure you can see what I'm getting at. It is important for each room and space to have a character of their own, and yet for the entire house to come together as one, and it takes a lot of thought to pull it through without making it look overtly manipulated and keep the casual, lived-in look. I would say the designers have done a fantastic job here, don't you think?

{All images via Alexandra Angle, found thanks to Bright Bazaar}

ps. as I mentioned... my lappy is quite under the weather, but I've been doing my best with back-ups, running all sorts of scans. Thou it's hanging on by a couple of threads, I'm so proud that we are still able to put together posts and research for inspirations! Alrighty - here's wishing everyone a good week ahead... I'm off to brunch with my cousin and aunt - I know, such a rare treat on a Monday morning! 

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