Friday, July 29, 2011

+ loving: Prints & Posters

Hello, dearest friends, hope all of you are well and fine in your own little worlds! And if you're in need of some colours and graphic inspirations, I have just the thing for you!

I realised I've collected quite a bit of graphic prints and posters related inspirations in my archive, and thought I'd share them all in one post here. Some are of bold graphic patters, others whimsy and adorable, perfect for little kiddies and adults alike; hope you'll see something you love here... My favourite has got to be the Cranky Princesses series by Heather Ross - I think it's adorable, and oh so true, that Rapunzel can get annoyed when her hair is all tangled, and the Princess and the Pea would be a little grumpy when she can't get a good night's sleep! Enjoy!

Cul-De-sac Graphic Prints

Mental Disorder Posters, by Patrick Smith

Pancake & Franks

Heather Ross

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