Friday, June 24, 2011

+ inspired by: Paris Color Project

From a rustic luxury boutique hotel La Maison Pujol, to the street of Paris... Paris, captured with pops of colours against the greys, whites and browns - this is a series of photographs which will make you want to get lost in the streets of Paris, and experience the serendipitous moments yourself.

Paris in Yellow: Laugh a little. Follow the sun and spread some cheer.

The Little Brown Pen
We Stroll
The French have a word for what we do: Flâner. It means to stroll with no destination in mind, simply for the pleasure of it. Our work is a record of the serendipitous discoveries we find by getting lost.
We Curate
This is the way we see Paris: Pops of color against a backdrop of worn grays, weathered whites and muted browns. We love how seemingly unrelated details around the city with a similar palette play off of each other and tell a story.
We Fondle Paper
To take a photo of the gorgeous, naturally worn and textured surfaces of Paris and put it on a thin glossy paper would be as much a shame as overcooking filet mignon and dousing it with ketchup. All of our photographs are printed on heavy, 100% cotton-rag, museum-quality paper with a true matte finish. It’s hard to keep your hands off it.

Paris in White:  Catch your breath. Take in the pure and simple.

Paris in Green: Wander at an easy pace. Then take a seat.

Paris in Red: Lose the inhibition. Find what makes you breathless.

Paris in Black: Abandon your map. Intrigue is around the corner.

I love Yellow, but it's not something I associate immediately with Paris... 
Yet this is image, Paris Graffiti Heart, along the notes by Nichole telling the story behind, is definitely one of my favourite. 

Nichole is an American photographer and a freelance copywriter living in Paris with her husband. The Paris in Color project started in January 2009, and Chronicle Books will be publishing Nichole's collection of photos in Spring 2012. Her prints are available for purchase at Little Brown Pen and on Etsy.

{All images via Little Brown Pen and Little Brown Pen Etsy, found thanks to Vosges Paris}

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