Monday, May 30, 2011

+ loving: "Haute Couture Busts"

Good morning, dear friends, and happy Monday! I hope you're starting your week well!

As for me... I'm in awe of these dressmaker forms! Oh, and I've also learnt, from reading up on the designers, that they are also called "busts". And aren't they pieces of art? No need to dress them up, I'm happy to just display them as they are!!

I came across the historic mannequin masters - Stockman, via Ian Claridge and Eve Politanoff, where they both blogged about the collaboration between Stockman and art director Emmanuel Bossuet, resulting in a series of three pieces of haute couture busts in black and white geometric prints. Through Emmanuel Bossuet's creative expression, the views of these forms are altered from their original function, and you can't help but see them as a breathe-taking display of artistic installations.

From there, I went on to Stockman's website, and discovered more busts, in more colours, and patterns and prints, in more shapes, of men, women and even kids! I am really in awe at how something so simple and functional, mostly overlooked and covered-up by layers of clothings, can be made into something so beautiful!

These pieces calls out on their own, to be viewed for what they are, as decoration, as art. Seriously, I'll never think of mannequins and dressmaker forms the same way again!

Image 1 & 2 via Eve Politanoff's "trouvailles du jour", found thanks to Ian Claridge and Aqua Velvet.
Image 3 via Stockman.

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  1. I've always had this thing about mannequins (the canvas type) and even considered having one in my room as decoration! And how smart is this post, having the mannequins (or busts) in colours and patterns makes it even more fun!


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