Wednesday, May 11, 2011

+ loving: Bowerbird Bazaar (May 2011)

The Bowerbird Bazaar was here again! Our first visit to this Adelaide's Design Market was last year in October, when we were still relatively new to the city and was so happy to stumble upon this little independent design, craft and culture haven.

This time round was no different. Granted we were a little more experienced in manoeuvring our way around the place (first round: scout, gush and admire; second round: buy!), and had a good idea of where each type of products were situated; it was still equally as stimulating, inspiring and fun to be amidst so many talented and amazing entrepreneurs and independent designers and artist - I admire their courage and strength and persistent to establish their brand and bring it "out there".

I say this because, after 6-8 months or so of blogging and writing, I realise where my passion lies and really want to continue doing what I'm doing. But it's not easy. Not many would regard this as a full time job, let alone something which can lead to a career! But I believe in what I do, and hopefully, eventually, Page Thirteen will be able to "feed" me.

Ok... that was a little off tangent! Back to the bazaar!

Well, we picked up a couple more prints, like we did last round, but this time from messagemark. I'll show you their work, along with a few others which caught our eyes.

I've also included a couple of pictures I snapped of Queen's Theatre, where the bazaar was at, for I simply love the rustic feel of this heritage structure. Enjoy!

Mrs. Fairweather's Bicycle Emporium: This was the first display we walked into, and what wonderful looking bikes! Each bike is created using restored, recycled or reclaimed parts where possible, and they each comes with a unique name and an individual story - whimsically cool! This Bowebird Bazaar also marks the debut of the brand - congratulations! Images by me (left), and via Mrs. Fairweather's.

Bespoke Letterpress Boutique: I love love love their stuffs! I must have walked up to the stall twice or thrice, lingering over other people's shoulders, admiring each little cards, tags, washi tapes (!! I'm crazy about them at the moment!!) and prints! What is so special about Bespoke is that they still print the old fashion way, with antique cast iron letterpresses! Images via Bespoke.

Vinyl Interior Design: I spotted them from a distance, and I really love these graphic canvas totes, which I know I'll make very good use of... But I must have been distracted and forgot to pick one up! Good thing they have an online shop! Images via Vinyl Design.

messagemark: These are the two prints we picked up, from their new Dinky-Dye range. Aren't they awesome? We're just waiting to get the frames and they'd be ready for display! messagemark also has a series of Jot, Chat and Msg cards, bearing their unique graphics from the various range, perfect for a quick note. Images via messagemark, and me (the Platypus).

And finally, just a few snaps via my iPhone using the Lemeleme app.

Have a fabulous day!

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  1. Hello Shu, lovely blog and thank you for including Messagemark in your Bowerbird Bazaar review. Have fun putting your Dinky-Dye prints together and finding a new home for them! Kyrie @ Messagemark


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