Friday, February 18, 2011

+ play dress up: Anthropologie

Good morning all! Happy Friday! I hope you're looking forward to a fabulous and restful weekend. It's wet and drizzly here in Adelaide, but I won't let a little rain dampen my mood!

I'm trying out a new fashion series "+ play dress up". Remember how we used to play dress up when we were kids? And you know how you get the feeling when browsing through racks of gorgeous clothes at the shops, or online, thinking to yourself - how nice if I could have this...? Well, I'm putting the childhood memory and the (somewhat repressed) shopaholic desire together into this little project, because, although we know we can't have everything, we still love beautiful stuffs, and it's just nice to see them put together!

I hope you'll enjoy this series, and it'll become a permanent if the response is good. I can even help you pick outfits for a certain special occasion! Just drop me a mail and we'll go shopping! Wheeee!

(ps. Boys, don't fret, with help from Ally, I'll have something perfect for you too! So do drop by for more!)

Today, we shopped at Anthropologie. The Paraiso Dress paired with Lemon Stick Wedges is perfect for a brunch date in the city; slip into some Salutations & Closings Heels and a pair of very cute Daisies At The Disco Drops earrings you're ready to rock the night! Adorable!

Hopefully this will help inspire your outfits for the weekend! Happy dress up!

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