Tuesday, February 8, 2011

+inspired by: Will You Ever Use Me Again?

When was the last time you held a pencil in your hand, and actually used it? How many of us remember the last time we sharpened a pencil? Do you even own a pencil sharpener any more?

"Will You Ever Use Me Again" is a public art installation project by New York based artist and designer Dino Sanchez. A collection of pencils with the message "Will You Ever Use Me Again?" are being left primarily in Apple stores and on iPad advertisements throughout the city, partly meant to be humorous, but also as a reminder of how our lives are swiftly taken over by technology.

The simplest, most mundane object, like a pencil, is quickly diminishing into the dust left behind by the surge of "i"s and "berries" and "pads" and whatever else the next wave will bring. It is highly possible that our children and grandchildren will never have to get their hands dirty with pencils, crayons and magic markers, ever!

Such a meaningful and thought provoking project! Well done!

Images from Dino Sanchez. Found thanks to Design Milk.

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