Thursday, November 18, 2010

+ loving: Lost In Sofa, by Daisuke Motogi

This is such a fun sofa to have! I don't think I'd need a coffee or side table if I have this sofa.

Designed by Daisuke Motogi, Lost In Sofa has slots to hold items you might need while seated, from remote controls, to books, to a cup of coffee!

From the designer: "Things often get lost under the sofa. It's ordinary for a coin which slipped out of your pocket, or a never-to-be-found remote to be accidentally found in between/underneath the sofa cushions. Maybe you'll find a forgotten 10,000yen bill that you once hid there..."

Hmmm... I wonder if they have a matching footstool to go with it?

Images found thanks to Design Milk.

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