Thursday, October 28, 2010

+ loving: AAKKOSET by Kayiwa

So we've settled into our new place, and in my previous post, I mentioned doing some shopping for the bedroom.

It's not very big, and we have most of the main pieces already. Our bed is set up against one wall, flanked by Ikea's Bekvam stool on one side and Ikea PS Saga chair on the other, both serving as our bedside tables. There's a built-in wardrobe with sliding doors to the right of the bed, and we also bought a Stave mirror which is left leaning against the wall beside the wardrobe.

I'm waiting to get a bookcase or some sort of storage shelf into the room. However, we don't have that much to spare financially, so the furnishing process will take a while, which gives me plenty of opportunity to shop and browse around!

This AAKOSET storage system by Kayiwa is all over the design blogosphere this week. It's definitely not something we will be able to afford (check out the price here), but I can dream of owning it, can't I? AAKOSET can be used to store books, magazines, CDs/DVDs; leave it empty and it will still be a key feature in any room. It would look great as a room divider too! It also comes in black, blue, green, violet, orange, white, yellow.

A white one would look gorgeous in our room, but I think I would love a yellow one too. Right, I'll just continue dreaming...

Have a beautiful Thursday, everyone!!

Images via Design Milk.

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